Monday, December 20, 2010

Spring & Messaging Webinars

There are a couple excellent webinars that I would like to highlight. All of these are available from (click on the "developers" tab).

Spring Dependency Injection Styles

The first is a discussion about the different ways that are available to configure dependency injection in a Spring Container. The webinar covers three approaches: the traditional XML approach, Annotations and Java @Configuration.

Message-Driven Architecture with Spring

The second webinar is a quick walk through of Spring Integration and the many new features found in the SI 2.0 release. It is a great way to learn about SI or just catch up on some of the new functionality available in the 2.0 release.

RabbitMQ: Messaging That Just Works

The third webinar is an introduction to the concepts and usage of RabbitMQ. For those who are not familiar with RabbitMQ, it is a messaging broker that speaks among others, the AMQP protocol. RabbitMQ has clients available in many different languages, including great Java / Spring support.

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