Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VirtualBox 2.1 Upgrade Windows Host

I had a annoying problem while upgrading VirtualBox on my Windows Host.

One of the major improvements of version 2.1 is that Host based networking has been made significantly easier. No longer is it necessary to have TAP devices and bridge them together. Now it just works, almost...

The problem I had was that once VirtualBox was upgraded my configuration was no longer valid. My configuration files were still expecting to use the TAP devices that were previously installed.

So I went under the network configuration section of the VirtualBox GUI to update the device selection. However where the list of network devices usually is displayed there was nothing. Just an empty list.

In previous versions, you could just add a new TAP device and go from there. However that is no longer required (or an option), so the question is how do I get a device in the list?

Fortunately I'm not alone and someone has already solved this issue on the forum. Here is a link.

In case the link doesn't work.

The trick is to go into your network control panel, select the device's properties, and under the general tab in the list where it says This connection uses the following items check the item for VirtualBox Host Interface Networking Driver.

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