Friday, August 24, 2007

Python File Backup Script

I wrote this backup script in Python to do backups on some of the servers I maintain.

- simple & quick to configure & install
- full & incremental backups
- configurable backup directories
- configurable full backup dates
- backups in tar format, no special software for restores
- email notification of problems
- backup files to any valid path (nfs, smb, usb drive, etc...)

- python
- system supporting the tar command (linux, unix, cygwin, etc...)

For installation instructions or more information about the scripts check out the included README file. Scripts are released under the LGPL.

You can download them from here.


** UPDATE **

I've updated the link to a newer version (1.0.1). The original version was written to write backups to an external drive, so it assumed that the drive needed to be mounted first. If the drive was already mounted it would remount it. So I've added an option where you can now specify if the script should mount the drive first.

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